Info-Trax Sdn Bhd offers a variety of engineering consultancy & services

computationand experimental techniques in many areas:

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Measurment Technique

Sound & vibration, force(statuc & dynamic), pressure, temperature, acceleration, displacement, velocity, position, etc.


Stress analysis, Fatigue analysis, Dynamic and Vibration analysis, Non-linear, Buckling, Fluid flow, Combustion, Heat transfer, Cavitations, etc.

our international partners

Brüel & Kjaer is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of sound and vibration solutions. We help our customers solve their sound and vibration problems - from measuring traffic noise and vibration in car engines to evaluating building acoustics and performing quality control. We have customers in a wide range of fields, including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and telecommunication, as well as government agencies.

Alibre Inc. offers the industry's most affordable complete engineering solutions. Founded in 1997, Alibre Inc. is led by visionaries who sought to change the landscape of 3D mechanical CAD/CAM software by providing full parametric CAD technology to anyone that needs it, versus only to those in the relatively unique financial position to afford traditional CAD systems.

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There are many customers of Info-Trax products in Malaysia already, although the product was introduced to the market very recently. Customers find it very helpful and easy to use our products because our innovation is driven by customers.

Some of our customers are: