Vibration | Scope of Supply & Services


  • Use 3D laser scanner to capture any visible existing features as per site condition
  • Convert laser scan output to interface with various 3D CAD software
  • Manage and provide aerial imagery acquisition for any  type of geospatial project
  • Generate natural resource and engineering level planimetric and topographic maps with contour intervals and map accuracy


  • Store and organize engineering data in cloud database
  • Converts all files automatically to streamable formats
  • Link all files directly and visually to each other and create comprehensive visuals
  • Create overviews for your complex projects


  • Perform 2D & 3D design preparation from point cloud data
  • Engineering, procurement & fabrication management
  • Create mini work pack for pre-job & construction work
  • 3D CAD digitizing of point cloud to produce as-built environment
  • Update existing 3d model onto point cloud
  • 2D fabrication of detail drawings


  • Generate work orders and automatic notification for every equipment in a facility to facilitate operation and maintenance work
  • Integrate BIM with Computerized Maintenance Management and Building Automation System 
  • Design & develop cloud-base virtual asset management system, accessible via any web browser
  • Enables exchange of information between multiple BIM application via COBie import and export