Vibration | Scope of Supply & Services


  • Installing, optimizing and maintaining transducer and vibration monitoring systems
  • Managing and coordinating product updates
  • Verifying transducer and vibration monitoring system performance
  • Diagnosing and correcting vibration monitoring system problems
  • Managing spare parts for transducer and vibration monitoring systems


  • Collect, store and organize vibration data from all transducers installed at equipment
  • Define process events associated with turbomachinery equipment
  • Receive and retrieve data and serves it in real time throughout the system
  • Identify corrupted data archive in historian database
  • Develop event queue for failure detection and recovery of rotating machinery


  • Identify and manage components or elements that make up the process in rotating equipment
  • Integrate multiple data sources, including historian data and external relational databases
  • Organize all rotating equipment in an organization into a structured hierarchy
  • Capture important process events and collect relevant data around them to identify the root cause of an anomaly
  • Develop equation and set up conditional statement of asset value to generate insight on predictive maintenance


  • Install and configure condition monitoring system software on client’s side for machine diagnostic purpose
  • Design and develop visualization platform for process and vibration data
  • Enable data visualization across any device using multiple browser displays
  • Develop automatic notification system to alert the end user for any anomaly in the system