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Engineering Data Services

Technical Data Services & Solutions: The availability of data is transforming the global economy, as well as large sections of civic society on an unprecedented scale. The business of collecting and exploiting all types of data, whether personal, machine or system generated data, can be analysed with reference to a value chain framework. 

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Value Chain Framework

Being able to collect and exploit large volumes of data in an efficient manner has become an important source of value. We materialize technical data services by adhering to the 4 main pillars of the data value chain framework.

data generation

1 Data Generation

Recording & capture data

data collection

2 Data Storage

Collecting, validating & storing data

data analysis

3 Data Analysis

Processing, analyzing & generate new insight

data exchange

4 Data Exchange

Utilize output internally or for trade

technical data services for refinery

Solution for Digitalizing Massive Asset

We digitalize your massive asset into portable data formats (2D & 3D) and make it accessible via web browser from anywhere around the globe. You may enrich the information of your digital twin asset by including real-time operational data, equipment datasheet, instructional videos, work orders etc. 


Analysis and Visualization Platform for Visual and Operational Data

Embark on the journey to transforming your valuable asset into digital data, hosted in cloud web app, utilizing Software as a Service (SaaS) as the underlying framework.

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