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Efficient Cooling Water Treatment 

Infotrax partners with to deliver high-performance conditioning products for efficient and ecological cooling water treatment. This includes highly concentrated and extremely efficient additives for boiler watercooling water as well as the accompanying system technology. We deliver quality — made in Hamburg, Germany.

Cooling Water Treatment

Total Water Management

Through research & development, strong industrial partners, and personal service, we enable our customers to considerably reduce their annual energy, water, and chemical costs. Our tailored solutions enhance the productivity and longevity of industrial water systems while reducing failures and costly downtime — with economical and ecological products.

Our technologies and products allow boilers, chillers, and bottle cleaning systems to operate with far greater efficiency and stability. We offer innovative dispensing and control technologies to optimize product usage in addition to modern reverse osmosis and softening equipment to round out our portfolio.

cooling water treatment

Cooling Water Treatment

Intelligent solutions 
so you can keep your cool

Efficient water treatment with KORN products keeps service water systems calm, cool, and collected.



FERROKORN water additives reliably keep cooling systems free of deposits, corrosion, and microbial contamination. FERROKORN DSK 29 is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor, dispersant and hardness stabilizer for open and closed cooling systems.


ELBOLIT is a highly effective broadband industrial biocide with cleansing properties that prevents microbial contamination of chillers used in water cooling systems. Extremely powerful against a multitude of germs, it successfully combats Legionella pneumophila spp, with supporting evidence.

cooling water treatment
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